Choosing a name for Facebook is the number one trending topic on twitter, at first you may not understand what’s going on, or maybe it’s just another funny thing Egyptians are doing. Until you realize that it’s official! The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Ministry, Yasser El-Kady, has announced that Egypt took steps towards establishing an “Egyptian Facebook.”

Facebook tops the charts as the most used social network in the Arab world, with approximately 34.5 million active accounts in Egypt, according to Ahram Online. This makes Egyptians, the most deserving of a similar platform, one that caters to our needs of socializing, showing off, and gossiping.

We know that you’ve been complaining about the fact that your parents are using it too much, posting your pictures everywhere, and throwing a funny comment about you here and there. Hold on a little though, it’s not stopping anytime soon.

Even though the Minister didn’t add anything else about what it is going to be called, Egyptians have been coming up with names for the platform on twitter! One came up with “Open Book,” and some tried an Egyptian twist of, “Fool Book”, “Taa100(Ta3mya) Book” and “Nile Book”.

Despite Egyptians’ efforts with names, we would like everyone to please stop trying… thank you! In fact, we’re really looking forward to see what the new “Egyptian Facebook” will look like.

By Sara Mosharef

Cover By Raduasandei