If you’ve recently come across Cairokee’s latest music video for their Ghamad Einak remix, well, guess what! It’s actually a fan-made video that all that Cairokee had to do with it is provide full support, and the rights to use their sensational music, of course.

It all started when Egyptian-Norweigan model Linda Alim wanted to up her modelling career in Egypt, so she reached out to My Films’ very own creative director and co-founder Marwan Fouad to create a new editorial shoot for her account. Alim wanted something to indirectly reflect the pandemic blues and how social isolation has affected our lives. However, Fouad’s vision took them beyond what they had both expected when he decided to turn it into a music video.

After reaching out to famed drummer Tamer Hashem, who spoke to the rest of the band, Fouad and Alim officially had Cairokee’s approval and support as they found the idea super exciting. The two then reached out to friends to help put together the home-produced video. 

The team included director and DOP, Youssef Tayeh; creative director and assistant director, Marwan Fouad; line producer, Bassant Hisham; choreographer, Nada Omar; stylist, RanaLina Alim; makeup artist Nour Barbari; and more.

Raise your hand if you can relate to the emotional music video.

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