Featured image via Ayn Dubai

Even though he pursued his acting career at a later stage in life, he’s been making headlines all along. He’s been dominating Egypt’s TV sets and silver screens with multiple roles at a time, especially during the Ramadan season, it has become more or less a tradition. Bayoumi Fouad is, hands down, one of the greatest actors of today’s world, but is he just a comedian?

No one can deny that Fouad has the power to make you laugh your heads off; he is definitely one hell of a comedian. But what you might not have noticed is that he can ace whichever genre. He’s funny by nature, but it turns out you can actually take him seriously.

This Ramadan, Fouad is only participating in three series; Farah Adila on the radio, and Regalet El Beit and Kheyanet Ahd on TV. But today, we’re only going to talk about his role in the latter series; Bayoumi Fouad on a Yousra cast? Drama? Could it be?

Well, as usual, Kheyanet Ahd is a typical Yousra series; the dramatic family story with the main character being too perfect that she starts getting less fortune in life as everyone tries to bring her down. Without getting into further details, Fouad’s humorous persona doesn’t really seem to fit into this equation, but to our surprise, it actually does. In fact, Bayoumi Fouad’s character adds the required amount of laughter that somehow balances the emotional rollercoaster of this series. 


On the other hand, he also aced some purely dramatic scenes, which got us to think that this man is not just hilarious, but way more talented than anyone could’ve thought. Starting from the scene when he was trying to keep Ahd’s (Yousra) son, Hesham (Khaled Anwar) under control during his breakdown, to the scene where he confessed his love to Ahd. But the king of all scenes was the one in last night’s episode when he cried his heart out, out of disbelief in Hesham’s death. This scene, in particular, showed that this man is capable of displaying all sorts of emotions in front of the camera, and more importantly, he has power over yours. He can make you laugh so loud, and he can make your cry so hard.