The prestigious Cairo Opera House, the number one place that celebrates art and culture in Egypt, aims to commemorate its 31st anniversary by holding For The Love of Opera. The event will be held at Salah Taher and Ziad Bakir halls from Thursday, October the 3rd to Friday, October 11th, at 7 pm.

For The Love of Opera is a group exhibition comprising of Egyptian, Arab, and foreign plastic artists. Plastic art is a broad term used to describe all visual arts, such as painting, sculpture, and photography. 

Not only is the Opera House proud to showcase its arts in an exhibition, but there will also be a symposium, where journalist and art critic, Kariman Harak, will host psychiatrist and consultant Ahmed Abdullah. Harak will also be hosting artist Taha Al-Qarni and will critique and discuss the arts presented.

As you all should probably already know, the Cairo Opera House has always been oriented around the arts while preserving its cultural roots. This has been achieved through making room for learning and inspiration, giving space for constructive criticism and the openness to different ideas. This can be seen in the symposiums held, as well as the wide range of artistic and intellectual ideas exchanged within them.

For The Love of Opera is more than just an exhibition combining artists’ work, it also shows the extent to which art is something bigger from within. When expressed, art digs deep into the artist’s imagination and creativity. 

It can be clear that the Cairo Opera House also appreciates diversity, given that the exhibition will host not only Egyptian artists, but also artists from Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Algeria, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, and Palestine. This is what truly makes this celebration an authentic one; it does not corner itself to one type of art but is open to new ideas and unfamiliar pieces of art. 

It’s important to remember that this celebration is not just 31 years of hard work, but it is also 31 years of passion, appreciation, and self-discovery. Art is not just a paintbrush and a canvas, it is not only ceramics. Art is putting everything you have into a masterpiece and being open to the suggestions of others.