We are all for a great party, filled with hot tunes and grooves; however, we do understand that Cairo’s cultural scene has so much more to offer. An integral part of that scene is, of course, cinema. Cinema has always been a part of every single one of us. All of sudden we find ourselves drafted into the world of the movies we’re watching, or using catch lines from famous movies when we want to tell a joke or clarify a certain point. All you have to do to understand the extent to which Cairenes love films is turn to Facebook, where you will surely find a wide variety of memes that use local and international films as the basis for comic, and highly relatable material.

Because Zawya Cinema understand the extent to which Cairenes love movies, they have been bringing us tons of cinematic experiences from across the globe viz-a-vis their famous festival titled “Cairo Cinema Days”. This April, from the 10th until the 19th, Cairo’s Zawya Cinema will be screening 33 films from various Arab countries, for the third edition of Cairo Cinema Days. The festival is mainly dedicated to showcasing critically acclaimed movies from around the MENA region.

The films are set to show at their Karim and Zamalek Cinema, including ten documentaries, four shorts, 11 fiction films, along with retrospectives and classics. Programs are divided into two categories: Narrative and Documentary Films.

Here’s the lineup for the Narrative Films: Porto Farina – Ibrahim Letaief, Screwdriver – Bassam Jabrawi, Sofia – Meryam Benm’Barek, The Tower – Mats Grorud, Yara – Abbas Fahdel, aKasha – Hajooj Kuka, Dachra – Abdelhamid Bouchnak, The Day I Lost My Shadow – Soudade Kaadan, Dear Son – Mohammed Ben Attia, The Giraffe – Ahmed Magdy, and Look At Me – Nejib Belkadhi.

As for the Documentary Films: Erased, Ascent of the Invisible – Ghassan Halwani, Freedom Fields – Naziha Arebi, Hamada – Eloy Dominguez Seren, Into Studio Misr – Mona Assaad, Of Fathers and Sons - Talal Derki, Samouni Road – Stefano Savona, Still Recording – Ghaith Ayoub and Saeed Al Batal, The Swing – Cyril Aris, Wild Relatives – Jumana Manna, and You Come From Far Away – Amal Ramsis.

Moreover, Zawya is planning on paying tribute to late Egyptian Director Osama Fawzi by screening three of his movies: The Asphalt’s Ghosts, Fallen Angel’s Paradise, and I Love Cinema.

Checkout Zawya’s Facebook page for more information on the dates and scheduled screening times of all the films. Tickets are limited, so make sure to buy yours ASAP. Maybe it’s time to skip the host of nightlife events that Cairo has to offer during the coming week, and get a dose of culture!