Imperfection is actually the new perfection; this is what Amina Khalil is telling everyone! Yesterday, the starlet took to her Instagram account, and posted a photo of herself at GFF’s closing ceremony. The photo showed her wearing a stunningly unique yellow dress and a beautiful smile.


"Yes, im not perfect. Yes, i have love-handles, or a muffin-top, or whatever its called nowadays. Yes, i dont eat much the day i know ill be wearing a crop-top that night. And yes, i come home post-crop-top and have sandwhich gebna say7a or maybe even a quarter pounder! But you know what- so does everyone else. And those midnight snacks standing in the kitchen surrounded by girls doing the exact same thing- make me feel normal. Because we all are normal human beings. And thats the way it should be. Because i wouldnt trade those moments for anything. Because the laughter or jokes or gossip sessions ive had during those midnight snacks make me have a life. And i love them. And what a better way to remember the last year of my twenties than moments that make you laugh till your stomach hurts, or barabeer come out of your nose. (C'mon we've all been there!?) So, accept who you are. And accept that we are all different. And accept that there will always be someone better walking that red carpet ahead of you. But what you should accept and truly be- is ok with that. Trust that someone in this world will always see you as the most beautiful girl in the world. And that at the end- we are all the same. We are all beautiful souls, occasionally hormonal, sometimes confident, scarcely perfect, but ALWAYS- human. Own it. Nothing shines brighter than confidence. #quarterpoundersforlife #loveyourself #nofilter #nophotoshop #proudlywoman"



More important than the photo, however, is the caption. Indeed, her words have touched every woman reading the caption. This is because Khalil expressed the importance of self-love, of accepting one’s flaws, and the details that make us all human.


By Sara Mosharef