We’re 10 days into the holy month of Ramadan already and have consumed copious amounts of kunafa and watched endless episodes of competing series. But right when you thought the Ramadan marathon’s doors were closed, Amina Khalil decided to show up with a 15-episode series.

Leih La2, a family drama series, is expected to premiere next Friday, the 8th of May, on MBC Masr. However, neither the channel nor the cast and crew have revealed its airing schedule yet.

Khalil’s debut experience as the sole lead actress is all about family traditions and the consequences of defying them. Amina plays the role of Alia, a girl who risks it all and decides to control her own destiny after running away from an arranged marriage. 

Amal Maher, who sings the series’ intro song, titled Elli Adra, released it days ago over snippets from Leih La2 that tell us more about the storyline. The song quickly garnered massive attention and has had over a million views on YouTube so far.

Alongside Khalil, the cast also includes Shereen Reda, Hala Sedki, Mohsen Mohieldeen, Hany Adel, Mariam El Khosht, Nadine Farag, Ahmed Hassanein, and more. Leih La2 is written by a workshop, supervised by Mariam Naoum, and directed by Mariam Abou Ouf.