In recognition of Egypt being a city bustling with highly talented artists, Absolut Art held an exhibition at Art Talks Premier Gallery to showcase the works of some of Egypt’s hottest emerging artists, and to award the winners of the Absolut Art competition with certificates of participation. But what business does Absolut have when it comes to Egypt’s art scene? Well, we are glad you asked. You see, the motivation behind this event is the designs of their bottles. This inspired Absolut to give back to the art community everywhere, including Egypt.


All of the participants were delighted to be part of this competition, and a few of them even wanted to recognise Absolut’s efforts in holding the competition. Ayda Mansour, the winner of the First Place Prize, said that Absolut has always been an inspiration to her because of the way they design their bottles by using different design elements and seamlessly intertwining colours.

Omar Mobarak added that Absolut’s competition gave him the opportunity to draw with passion.  It seems that the Absolut  competition is not only giving exposure to Egypt’s emerging artists, but it is also helping them recognise the deeply buried passions that they have.

When passion is blended with the scent of victory, the feeling of bliss is almost inevitable. Put in to words by one of the winners, Mansour said, “I was so happy I won, and I kept jumping because I put so much effort in this project.” To Mobarak, however, winning reignited the flame of passion in his heart; “it is kind of really motivating. I hadn’t drawn for a really long time, and now winning pushes me to draw even more.”

Both Mansour and Mobarak have been working in the field of design, so to get the chance to do something that is purely creative is a delight to both their hearts. Mansour, for example, fused her love for Absolut with her love of the circus, creating an out-of-this-world painting of an Absolut bottle.

This is the first time Absolut has held this kind of competition in Egypt, but we expect to see it on annual basis.