This Ramadan was like no other, but we overcame its toughness even though we all stayed at home. And now that Eid Al Fitr is just around the corner, spirits are expected to be down again. We know how much Eid is a family-oriented occasion and how hard it must be not visiting your grandparents on the first day. However, there are still some details that we can look forward to, even if they’ve always been there, just don’t take them for granted because this is what’s going to lift your spirits this year.

#1 Morning Coffee

Via The GrowthOp

It’s still Eid, and you still get to enjoy that first sip of coffee in the morning following the last day of Ramadan. Waking up to coffee? AHHH It’s been so long, and it’s definitely something to look forward to.

#2 The Food

Via Chef Osama

This could easily be in first place if, unlike the majority of the population, you’re not a coffee addict. Anyhow, even though it goes without saying, no dining table would ever beat that of the first day of Eid. Oh and kahk, how could you forget about that?

#3 Eid Pyjamas

Via Myer

We’re expecting Eid pyjamas to be back in style. For the younger generation, back in the old days, it wasn’t just the new Eid outfits. Kids back then also rocked their finest pyjamas on their last day of Ramadan. So, since we’re staying at home sweet home this Eid, we’re figuring out everyone’s investing in new pyjamas instead.

#4 Eideya

Via Swedish Nomad

No matter how old they are (even if they’re old enough to have kids, or if they already do), give them Eideya and put a smile on their faces. At least for moral support? No one should be too old for Eideya anyway.

#5 Netflix

Via Dailymotion

Now that we’re almost done with the exhausting Ramadan marathon and putting up with all the drama, we can finally resume our never-ending binge-watching sessions! And guess what, Madraset El Moshaghbeen, El 3eyal Kebret, Al Motazawegoon, Sok A’ala Banatak, and Raya w Skina (only to name a few) are all coming to Netflix this Thursday! So, Eid plays? That’s still on!


Eid Mubarak in advance!