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The long-awaited Leih La2 finally started airing earlier this month after it was supposed to drop in Ramadan and got postponed more than once. 

The 15-episode miniseries follows the story of a runaway bride, called Alia (played by Amina Khalil), who decides to leave her mother’s house to go live on her own and face the real life. On this quest for independence, Leih La2 presents several other stories and puts together one show that you just can’t miss. We’re more than halfway through with nine episodes out and we’d like to tell you why we like it so far.


The women empowerment

It’s not just that the story itself is addressing women empowerment, but the process of making the series itself is incredibly empowering to women in the industry. If you look at the lead character, the main characters, even the writer and director, they’re all women, giving females an opportunity to shine in a very male-dominated scene.

It’s relatable

The story is extremely realistic and each of the characters can easily be resonated with. There are people like Alia, Sohair, Hala, Hussein (basically all of them) that we met in real life. That on its own helps the viewer connect with what the show has to present on a personal level.

It sheds light on important issues 

Throughout the series, many real-life important matters are raised through other characters’ stories, and not necessarily through Alia’s. Those include toxic, controlling relationships, infidelity, and even the issue of a 10-year age difference in marriage. But even when the show tackles lots of issues, the makers didn’t hesitate to throw in a minute or two to shed light on other cases. For instance, remember when Alia’s doorman found a stray puppy and she ran with it to an animal shelter? That one line from the shelter’s owner about the cruelty of the world and how life would’ve been much easier on these poor animals before anyone just took a moment to figure out whether or not they’re capable of handling this responsibility. Hats of to Leih La2 for that, really!

It’s short and sweet

Sure, there is some suspense, especially it only airs on weekends, and on Saturday, you realise you have to wait till Thursday for the next episode, but other than that, watching doesn’t end up being a stressful experience. Yes, sometimes we like something that leaves us at the edge of our seats, but for now, having a light drama to watch and real stories to get hooked on is exactly what we need.


Leih La2 is written by Mariam Naoum and directed by Mariam Abou Ouf. The cast includes Hala Sedki, Shereen Reda, Mohsen Mohiedin, Mohamed El Sharnouby, Mariam El Khosht, Nardine Farag, Hany Adel, Aida El Kashef, Sedki Sakhr, Omar El Said, and more.

Have you started watching Leih La2 or not yet? Better catch up if not, and stay tuned because we have any interesting surprise for you that we’ll be revealing soon.