Filmmaking is an art all by itself. From scriptwriting to directing and cinematography, the whole process is just a brilliant form of expression. However, when it comes to music, it’s an entirely different story. A film’s soundtrack can get stuck with you for years, making the motion picture a hundred times more successful. That’s why we felt like shedding light on these three genius music and score composers, who didn’t just present masterpieces, but also helped shape Egyptian cinema over the past decades.

Khaled Hammad

Born to an Egyptian father and a Russian mother in 1971, this music and score composer has given so much to the film industry with his unforgettable pieces. His prominent works include Hammam F Amsterdam (1999), Amir El Zalam (2002), and O’maret Yacoubian (2006). As much as all of these were incredible movies that we’ll never forget, their soundtracks will surely live on forever.

#CGFact: After graduating from the Conservatoire - Higher Institute for Music, Hammad studied directing at the Higher Institute for Cinema. However, he never pursued a career in filmmaking professionally.

Hesham Nazih

Another very talented score composer is definitely Hesham Nazih. The 47-year-old artist kicked off his career back in 1992, and his portfolio includes hit movies such as El Sellem Wel Te’ban (2001), Sahar El Layali (2003), and El Feel El Azraa (2014, 2019).

#CGFact: His 2017 film, El Aslyeen, was granted the Horus Award in the Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema.

Omar Khairat

This article wouldn’t be the same without mentioning the legendary Omar Khairat. The music composer has greatly influenced the world of cinema in Egypt by scoring many memorable films such as Qadeyet A’am Ahmed (1985), Mafia (2002), and A’asal Eswid (2010).

#CGFact: After graduating from Trinity College in London, his music career took off as Les Petits Chats’ drummer.