In the past few decades, many singers rose to fame with one hit song, then completely disappeared. Some of them did not present any other works, while others did, but did not have the same success, and slowly, their spotlight faded away.

A singer doesn’t have to turn into a superstar, but it’s important to leave a mark with one’s career.

Here are 12 songs that will live on forever, despite the disappearance of their performers.

#1 Rania El Kurdi - Shayef Nafsak

Shayef Nafsak was released in 2012 and was a hit at that time, especially for its famed music video which was filmed in an elevator.

El Kurdi also starred in El Hasa El Sab3a, alongside superstar Ahmed El Fishawy, after which she totally disappeared.

#2 Shando - Abdel Hady

Remember the guy with dreadlocks and a distinctive voice that first appeared in 2009 with his hit song, Abdel Hady? The song achieved massive success, and we cannot forget the lyrics to this day.

#3 Dania - El Helwa Di

More than 13 years ago, a beautiful girl with an angelic voice, named Dania, sang a cover for Sayed Darwish’s famous song, El Helwa Di. Dania’s cover truly revived the song and it went viral at the time.

#4 Raneen - Habib Alby

Raneen’s first, and last, song was Habib Alby. Even though the song was a major hit, Raneen didn’t take any further steps in her career and announced her retirement.

#5 Lamiaa - Bo3dak 3any Ent7ar

In spite of the remarkable success of the song, Lamiaa completely disappeared after the release of Bo3dak 3any Ent7ar, which still lives on to this day.

#6 Guitara - Ya Ghali

Although Guitara presented a lot of songs, Ya Ghali was the most prominent one that brought the band fame at that time.

#7 Ismail El Belbeisy - El Ghorba

El Ghorba was one of the most successful songs of the nineties. El Belbeisy released some tracks afterwards, but they didn’t achieve the same success.

#8 Jowana Malah - Hatfdal Fi Albi

Lebanese singer Jowana Malah’s Hatfdal Fi Albi song and music video remained a top hit for a long time.

#9 Menna and Nahla - Ehkely w Fadfadely

This unforgettable duo has definitely made our 2009 better with their huge hit, Ehkeely w Fadfadely.

#10 Maria - El3ab El3ab

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since our forever favourite not-so-innocent childhood song, El3ab El3ab?

#11 Ali Hemeda - Lolaki

In 1988, Ali Hemeda surprised us with a hit that is still stuck in everyone’s head. Lolaki has achieved massive success all around the Arab world and not just in Egypt.

#12 Dana - Ana Dana

With her dazzling beauty, Dana was able to grab the attention of the audience with her hit song, Ana Dana, and its remarkable music video.

Which one of these was your favourite?