If someone told you to reserve a spot anywhere in Valentine’s Day, tell them you will pass. It can be a fun, adventurous and romantic evening for you and your significant other your own way; because who said it should only be gifts, teddy bears, candles and all your wallet can handle? Here is what you can do!

1) Gaming night!


Guys fantasize about having a game night with their girls like they do with their bros; and if she likes gaming, you are one lucky guy! Take her on Valentine’s Day to Maze café, reserve your own room and start kicking each other a**es, or, kick online a**es together. It is located in Sheraton and the whole area is divided into different rooms. You will find a wide selection of games, from FPS games to FIFA!

2) AutoVroom


If both of you love the rush of adrenaline in a speedy kart race, and seeing everything in slow motion because of your rapidly firing neurons; then head to Obour City and try this very underrated experience in Egypt at AutoVroom!

3) OPA Casino & Alban Swisra


If you are a couple that likes winter and its romantic cold weather, then you should take a one day trip to Alex; where you can enjoy the weather,  the amazing food and atmosphere of the Greek OPA Casino Café and Restaurant. It serves such delicious food and its overseeing the sea with a breathtaking view and an incredible cold chilly weather. Also, if you fancy cheese all too much, don't forget the big portions of melted cheese served with your favourite type of meat at Alban Swisra!

4) Vox Cinemas


One can also go classic and enjoy a simple Valentine’s Day.  Since Vox offers different kinds of theaters that entail different perks of comfiness, it can be a very cosy cinematic experience with your partner.  Choose the latest sci-fi, romance or comedy movie along with some flowers, pop corn and just enjoy getting your needs catered for while you are seated.

5) Bounce Box


We all loved trampolines when we were young; it was such a silly, but fun game. Bounce Box will give you the ability to relive the moment again, but with the partner of your dreams. Nobody has ever been there and got disappointed. It is really fun to be as childish as you can get with the love of your life.          

6) Holm Cafe

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-06 at 11.03.26 AM

If you want to feel like home with your loved one; grab your laptop, books or board games and have your own night with a drink and a fine dinner at Holm Café in Zamalek. Its cozy atmosphere will literally make you feel like you are home. It asks of you to take off your shoes and set yourself loose of worries before getting on the couch.       

7) Crossfit Session



This one is for all the fit and healthy partners out there. Those who love going to the gym more than their partners themselves... No kidding. But lets be honest, we all see them as couple goals. Try to act as an Instagram blogger and ask your partner to come with you for one training day. Reserve one Crossfit Session, and share your interest on Valentine’s Day. Because, what better occasion to do so than this day.

8) Ski Egypt


Maybe there was a spotlight on the first ice skating experience in Egypt located in Mall of Egypt, we all knew that, but few got to experience how daring and amusing it can be playing with and skating on snow. I mean what is better than having a “first” on Valentine’s Day? Try it with your partner because we assure you that you will definitely have fun there.          

9) Wadi Degla


If you are the type of couple who counts the stars in the sky a lot, then you should go to Wadi Degla. You can spend a whole day there doing so much; barbecuing, stargazing, enjoying a fresh breath of air or even listening to the cold winds blowing in your face in a completely deserted place of worries, people and loud cars. N.B. you will definitely have time to be funny, romantic and chivalrous at night with the cold winds and stars.

10) Aerodium


If you and your loved one share a dream of skydiving, you are closer to this dream than ever! Aerodium offers you the chance to experience what it is like to fly at Cairo Festival City, and on valentine's day you get a 50% discount off for couples.

11) GMAX Reverse Bungy


Lastly - if you want to go absolutely crazy - then try the giant human slingshot, GMAX Reverse Bungy at Mall of Arabia in 6th of October city. We have seen people faint, scream and made fun off... The whole experience is a thrill, scary and high fun, yet safe game. This definitely should be on your “To Do” list with the BF/GF.


By Sara Mosharef