For some reason, it seems that turning to love songs in the music industry is an easy way out. Something everyone (or at least most people) can resonate with. Be it a breakup song or one with a happy ending, most songs nowadays are simply about love. That’s not really a bad thing, but it kind of makes us wonder where the things we experience every single day have gone? Things like a day that went wrong, childhood memories, lavish summer vacations, or even a random day with your love. That being said, here are 10 Arabic songs from different genres that are extremely relatable.

Hatlena Bel Ba2y Leban – Cairokee

Khamsa Santy – Sharmoofers

Bakhaf Mel Commitment – Jadal

3eesh Be Sho2ak – Tamer Hosny

Tghayarti – El Far3i

3ayez Akhalas Gam3a – Sharmoofers

As-habi – Mashrou’ Leila

El Alb Eshtaka – Cairokee

Beit Gedety – Mahmoud El Esseily

Eih Yala Dah – Marwan Younis