After a long wait, our all-time favourite Sharmoofers finally released a new music video for their new single, that’s ironically called Single. If you’re loving the single life, and everyone around you is just nagging for you to get hitched, we’re pretty sure this song will resonate big time.

Even though the Sharmoofers boys, Ahmed Bahaa AKA BOB and Moe El Arkan, each recently tied the knot, the song is an obvious rant on marriage, commitment issues, and how the single life rules. Is somebody getting in trouble or what? We hope not!

The video depicts a live music performance with a retro feel for a senior crowd. Presented by Egyptian star screenwriter, Tamer Habib, Sharmoofers make it to the stage, but about 20 years older; yes, the SFX were that good! 

Raise your hands if you want to "stay single to have the time to mingle!"