Dear Sharmoofans who are still stuck with exams, credit hours, and long gaps; this song’s for you. Red Bull is bringing your all-time favourite band, Sharmoofers, all the way to your campus, dropping a super catchy song to get you all excited about it. 

Earlier this week, Sharmoofers teased their fans with a short video, featuring Bob as Professor Sharmoofer, reporting (in Moe’s voice) what seemed like breaking news. Last night, the band dropped the bomb on their social media accounts, announcing their upcoming tour to Egypt’s universities, in an attempt to spread their happy music with the help of a new music video. 

3ayez Akhalas Gam3a is catchier than ever, which is to be expected. The lyrics represent all of us when we were still undergrads and those who are still college victims, of course. The concept behind the funky video is courtesy of none other than Hassan Abouelrouss. As for the simple, yet sick dance-moves (which you’ll probably need to memorise for later on), that was choreographed by Khadiga El Arkan.

We can’t wait to see where Sharmoofers are heading to next and what they still have in store for us. So, on a scale from desperately want to drop-out, to the joy of a senior on their graduation day, how hyped are you?