It seems that after last year's recap song by Tayarah Productions, it has become a thing to sing about the year's major events and trends.

This year, Tayarah dropped one more song, Ra2asli El Sana, looking back at all 2019's highlights. However, BNG Egypt released another song, Ahlan 2020, having the same concept, yet adopting a different style.

Ahmed El Rouby, Tayarah's iconic voice, is the one singing their 2019 song. The talented young man has been singing the production company's latest hits, such as GFF3's Sa2fa and last year's Sana Benwada3ha. It's noteworthy that just like Bella Ciao's music, which was a hit at the time, was used for the 2018 song,  Senorita's music, which made waves upon its release last summer, was used for the 2019 song.

On the other hand, BNG Egypt went for the same concept, the highlights of the year, the approach was a bit different. The song featured comedian duo Khaled Mansour and Shady Alfons, as well as veteran actor Khaled El Sawy. The sketch-like production is directed by Michael Nofal and Mahmoud Mostafa and the catchy lyrics are written by Alaa El Sheikh, that you might also know as El Mowaten El Masry and Om Esraa.

Watch and listen to both songs below and let us know which one do you like more. Meanwhile, don't miss these 19 Hilarious Trends That Invaded Social Media in 2019.