The King, the one that has a special place in our hearts, Mohamed Mounir, dropped a new song called Mahmoum, two days ago, and it’s already stuck on replay. We grew up listening to his songs; who can forget Younes and Fi 3eshq el Banat? Mounir never disappoints and his songs live on forever, so we kind of have high expectations for this one.

Mahmoum is, in fact, a sad song, and the lyrics, as usual, go straight to the heart. So, you might want to listen to it on one of those sleepless nights. The song made it to YouTube trends as soon as it got released, garnering 1,255,165 views in only two days.

The song is written by Amir Te’eima, composed by Waleed Saad, and distributed by Ahmed Ibrahim.

Mohamed Mounir has always been known for his folk tunes that feel like home, and this one has just been added to the list. You can’t miss listening to it, so put on your headphones and zone out.