Without any doubt, Egyptian comedian Marwan Younis never fails to make us all laugh. And, from his sarcastic online videos to his radio show on NRJ, Younis has upped his game more than once; the latest was landing a role in El Feel El Azraa’s sequel. Anyhow, an unforgettable milestone in Younis’ creative career was last summer’s El Farafeer; a hit song that took over Sahel, Gouna, and every single car in Egypt. This year, it seems like another one of his songs will be taking over.

Younis first dropped “Laziz El Kalam Da” last Thursday on his radio show, Begad Maa’ Marwan, and now the official video has just been released. Once again, Younis goes for vertical mobile shots of contributors shaking it. If you recall, El Farafeer had its own dance, but for this one, it seems that Younis decided to go for a simple and subtle hula dance.

As for the lyrics, Marwan's throwing shade (again) at social media aficionados. Now, one question remains. Which is catchier? El Farafeer or Laziz El Kalam Da? Well, you get to decide.