Featured image via Kitchen Films

The hip-hop scene in Egypt has been booming for a while, but now, it’s safe to say that it’s progressing more than ever. Between more artists introducing their talents and the old ones upping their games, the genre is gaining momentum. One of the artists who’s grown in popularity lately is Marwan Moussa, and today, he’s proudly #1 on YouTube!

Last night, Moussa dropped a new music video, titled Nehayet El 3alam (End of the World), and we’d have to say, it’s the coolest thing we’ve seen on the internet this week. From its title, you’d instantly think this is an apocalyptic journey, but then you’d realise it follows what seems like a normal robbery by Moussa and his gang. However, things are turned upside down towards the end of the video when events take a supernatural turn. Tell us more about plot twist?

This creative vision is all courtesy of Kitchen Films’ very own Yassin Koptan. This was all written, directed, and edited by Koptan, the mastermind behind this all. The name might ring a bell if you’ve watched his debut short film, Piece of Wood, or if you’ve seen Cairokee’s music video for their song, Layla.