The Egyptian songstress with the angelic voice, Malak El Husseiny, is finally back with some new music! But we have to warn you; it’s full of intense feelings that will get you super emotional (especially if you relate to the lyrics).

After a 5-year hiatus from producing original music since her Alters EP, Malak finally blessed us with a new soundtrack AND music video, titled Can’t Catch an Emotion. The song depicts a dark time Malak was going through, and boy, it is so vivid in the music, the lyrics, and the visuals!

“I wrote Can’t Catch an Emotion at a time when I felt completely disconnected from myself and everything around me,” Malak took to Instagram to say. “For the longest time, I found it difficult to feel things like I used to, and coming from an emotional person, that indifference was very foreign to me. I decided to write about the only emotion I could put into words at the time. I was physically there, but I was somewhere else completely,” she continued.

Malak might have been struggling with only one feeling, but her emotional struggle that’s all over the music video will definitely give you the feels. 

Can’t Catch an Emotion was written and composed by Malak, and directed by Bassem Fox from Droogs. Check out the full video below and let us know what you think.