Nesma Mahgoub just dropped a new song, titled Dawar 3al Sa3ada, and just like the name suggests, it’s the positivity we needed right now. The singer joined forces with a group of music lovers who took part in the music video from home, and together, they came up with something beautiful.

The joyful lyrics, written by Ayman Gamal, are not the only special thing about the song; Nesma actually sings in 10 languages and three Arabic dialects, including Egyptian. And besides the super talented musicians, a large group of Nesma’s friends and fellow artists also make an appearance in the music video. You could see many familiar faces from different fields such as Bushra, Farida Temraz, Hana Ghoneim, Dina Ghalwash, and many more.

Check out the music video below and let us know what you think.