Musician, dancer and vlogger Malak Ghanem AKA Malayka teamed up with Aly Khalifa on vocals, and producer Sam Kochany AKA Sam the Producer and released a cover of Sheraton, hit single of uprising rap artist Marwan Moussa.

The remixed cover was released earlier last week and it debuted with a pragmatic music video filmed and directed by Ehab Waleed Azab, emphasizing artistic insinuations from the relatable content within Moussa’s lyrics, as well as the song’s title quite literally hitting close to home for both artists.

“Arab trap is close to my heart, because I feel like it’s a very honest genre. It is something I love and respect that I wanted to pay tribute to", says Malayka, “Khalifa, Sam the Producer and I wanted to write something that would add an extra dimension to the song, and have it reach a wider spectrum of Arab youth. Now more than ever it feels like the youth are reclaiming their narrative, and are more confidently expressing their identity and breaking out of stereotypes they once felt trapped by”.  

“We really enjoyed working on this song it’s definitely more than just a cover for us", added Khalifa, “Like the song itself, we also see ourselves as a mixture of both Western and Middle Eastern cultures. Working on a version that we felt had more of our identity in it was very self-gratifying. We hope it feels that way for others with similar backgrounds".