We all noticed Hassan’s sudden disappearance from Instagram when he removed all of his pictures, changing his display image to a melting heart and a question mark outlining it. For days, his account only had images reflecting struggle and agony. This left us with too many questions; however, we now have the answers.  It was all part of El Shafei’s way of teasing for a brand new hit, “Albak Wein” which translates to “where’s your heart”.

 Hassan, in collaboration with the Libyan singer Bahgat, produced this song that broke our hearts, but we all really enjoyed it. Shafei says that Bahgat was the one who inspired him to work on this song; the singer was one of the people who suffered from leaving a loved one behind. Wars only cause great pain and leave behind torn hearts, and that’s exactly what Hassan tried to convey in both the song and the accompanying video.

The Egyptian composer and music producer also talked about how he tried to mix traditional Libyan tunes with 21st-century music. In fact, this is not Hassan’s first time to do so, as he did the same thing when he joined forces with Hany Adel to produce “Qalby Yohadethony”.