During her recent trip to her homeland, Felukah filmed her latest music video. It dropped a couple of days ago, and it’s just insane! Her distinctive voice, the catchy beat, the empowering lyrics, the brilliant cinematography, everything is worthy of a round of applause. 

The Daughter addresses women all over the world, empowering Middle Eastern women in particular. Infused with Felukah’s bada** attitude, the song will make you instantly drop everything and add The Daughter to your playlist.

The super talented artist, who rose to fame in 2019, proudly sticks to her roots in this production. From instruments such as the oud and ney, as well as rapping in Arabic, to filming in all relevant corners of Cairo, she made sure to include ethnic elements of all sorts in both the song and music video. 

It’s too sad that the NYC-based rapper doesn’t have much following on social media platforms, despite her increasing popularity. So, you’d better listen to her song, and we promise you you’ll get hooked and end up subscribing and following her everywhere. Support local artists, people!