As usual, Egyptian superstar Mahmoud Esseily never fails to surprise us. Yesterday, Esseily released a new song, named Tamseleya, and we’d have to say, it’s definitely unique on so many levels. The music, the lyrics, his vibrant performance in the official music video, you name it.

The song revolves around relationships and how any couple can fake happiness when they’re truly miserable. Tamseleya speaks for all the couples out there who are trying so hard to save their relationships and are in fear of losing each other.

Tamseleya is written by Amir Teiama, composed by Esseily and Ehab Abdel Wahid, and distributed by Amir Hedaya.

#gossipoftheday: Esseily just got married to the cosmetic expert, Omnia Abdel Moneim, and the wedding ceremony will take place this Friday. Congratulations to the newlyweds!