Right when we needed some good vibes, Egypt’s beloved Lebanese superstar, Elissa, came to the rescue. Last night, Elissa dropped her latest music video for her new song, titled Hanghani Kaman Wi Kaman. But it wasn’t just the upbeat music and the joyful lyrics that made our day, it was the music video itself.

Over a Zoom meeting, Elissa showed up in a natural look and her pink silk pyjamas. Her conference call, which she screen recorded for the video, featured Elissa’s friends and loyal fans, and on top of all of those, the gorgeous Haifa Wehbe made a special appearance. Altogether, in total excitement, they started singing and dancing along, each in the comfort of their own homes. 

The cool thing about the music video isn’t just that it encourages people to stay home, but also that Elissa and her crew gave away the entire budget to charity. So, instead of splurging on the production of a music video that would definitely cost a lot, they created something out of nothing and made a donation for those in need. So, hats off to you, guys!

Hanghani Kaman Wi Kaman is directed by Eli Rezkallah, edited by Alex Curtis, written by Shady Nour, composed by Mohamad Yehya, and arranged by Elhamy Dehema. If you still haven’t watched it, check it out below.