It seems that Abla Fahita wasn’t the only puppet who dropped a quarantine-themed song yesterday. Egypt’s coolest grandpa, Dr. Alfons, also did; this one’s not entirely new though. Ana Msh Bat3edy is actually a remake of the Dr.’s latest hit, Ana Msh Bangereh, and it’s just as catchy.

Locked in what we believe is his Nile view apartment, Dr. Alfons showed a new side of partying and that social distancing does not have to eliminate the fun. Rocking his surgical mask bandana and sipping on chlorine (kids, don’t try this at home; he’s a puppet), the man seemed to be making the best out of his quarantine.

Alfons might be immune, but his beat is definitely contagious. If you still haven’t listened to Ana Msh Bat3edy, check it out below.