After a long wait, Abu finally dropped the music video to his new song, Habibi Ya Leil, and guess who’s co-starring with the lover boy? Yes, that’s right. It’s the gorgeous Tara Emad!

Ever since the massive success of 3 Daqat, which was the official song for El Gouna Film Festival’s (GFF) first edition, Abu has been teasing us with previews but not releasing much. We mean, we’re still waiting for Sharbat, a song Abu’s been teasing for since GFF 2, but apparently he doesn’t feel the same way about it anymore. Even though Abu released Eish Ya Alby last month, the vibrant song didn’t stick around. After all, it’s a tough challenge to make another great hit after 3 Daqat; and it’s not the production of a song as much as it’s the decision to actually release it. 

Nevertheless, the super talented singer surprised his fans with Habibi Ya Leil last night and we believe this one’s got great potential. The song is extremely catchy and as vibrant and cheerful as Abu is. Not to mention that Mariam Abou Ouf is the director behind it. So, no wonder the music video garnered over 1.5 million views in 12 hours only. 

Could this song be the one that’s meant to get stuck on replay? Tell us what you think in the comments’ section.