WARNING! The following music video might give you the chills, so ready yourself to embark on a musical voyage through the Palestinian city of Ramallah, courtesy of Egyptian vocalist, Ahmed Abayazied.

First of all, any friend of Mohamed Mounir’s is most definitely a friend of ours. Abayazied made his debut in Mounir’s band as one of the main vocalists, ultimately setting the bar so high that we have been left with no choice but to follow his releases diligently. Secondly, Abayazied was one of the founding members of bands Hawidro, and Kaza Mode, AND he also collaborated with Sharmoofers on a few of their songs, including Enfesam and Jamal Al Wojood. Impressed yet? Wait ‘til you hear his latest creation.

Wain A’ Ramallah holds a special place in Abayazied’s heart, as it was his favourite during his college years. “When it comes to Wain A’Ramallah, however you arrange it, you would find something beautiful within it”, shared Abayazied in a press release. “I want to take these experiences and try this with more local artists and develop my style as time goes on”.

Watch the music video below:

Original Lyrics: Ali Al-Kelany

Original Composition: Ehsaan Al-Monther

Music Production: Abayazied and Mostafa El-Sherif

Mixing and Mastering: Mostafa El-Sherif

Artist Manager: Daliah Galal

Recorded at: Disco Misr Studios

Stylist: Haitham Farouk

Edit: Mahmoud Adel

Filmed by: Moataz Ibrahim