Rising Egyptian-American rapper strikes once again by dropping his latest music video for his song, Till It’s Done. The catchy beat, the powerful lyrics, and most importantly, the gripping intro and storyline of the psychedelic music video are more than enough to get it stuck on replay.

Ahmad Ghoniem, AKA 4N The Human, first made waves when his famed Papa Told Me went viral for all the right reasons last summer. And we’d have to say, Till It’s Done is not any less. In fact, this ‘trip gone wrong’ shows how much the rising rapper and his style have evolved throughout this past year.

Till It’s Done is also brought to you by Kitchen Films, in association with DROOGS & Mina Nabil Films. And of course, it was written, edited, and directed by Mohamed Hafez. 

Check out this trippy work of art below and let us know what you think.