In a world full of sadness, exhaustion, work, and f***ed up relationships, Egyptians always find a way to laugh! We know that these two songs have stuck in your head for weeks now because you can, somehow, relate to their "lyrics". One by telling your ex gf/bf that he's/she's 'Ay Kalam' because that's the only verse that naturally rhymes with itself in the song; and it is also the only sentence that describes your feeling. Or when she wants to make fun of the guy's luxurious life, and his way of showing off by telling him 'Eh Yalla Dahh,' when she is still digging his money. In the end, both are silly songs but very catchy and addictive. So please, choose wisely your favourite one!

PS: We can't decide too!

Which song do you like?
Eh Yalla Dahh - Marwan Younis
Enty Ay Kalam - Tameem Youness