Written by May Mansour

The beloved superstar celebrity never ceases making headlines. Hosny has been busy with the recent release of highly successful song Ekhteraa with Mahmoud El Esseily, where Hosny directs the music video which has topped Twitter’s trend. He also gave an outstanding performance at the 42nd edition of Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) during its opening ceremony with El Donia Film. Now, he has rushed back to capture the spotlight by trending on YouTube.

With two of his latest songs Tamaateeny, written and composed by Belal Sorour, and Ad El Foraq, written by Tamer Hussein and composed by Islam Zaki, from the album Khaleek Fulazi, Tamer Hosni has skyrocketed on YouTube with millions of views. Remarkable, but not surprising! Hosny’s followers are a powerful tool in his extraordinary success.

Ad El Foraq alone has reached 3.8 million views in less than 48 hours and is #1 on Trending. Tamaateeny follows closely with 3.3 million views and is #2 on Trending. The song Nafs El Nehaya, written by Ahmed El Malky, composed by Madeen, and distributed by Ahmed Abdel Salam, also on the album Khaleek Fulazi gained 1.5 million views in only 15 hours! The first song on Hosny’s album, called Mabatalnash Ehsas released on October 16 has also previously topped YouTube’s trending charts.

The “Star of The Generation” as his devoted fans would like to call him, also recently released the theme song Leena Hayah Baadein for TV Series Madraset El Hob part III. The dramatic song has reached over 5.6 million views on YouTube in only five days after trending at 33 on Global YouTube Counter. World Music Award also congratulated the star on the song’s success.

Hosny began his musical career in 2002 and has won The Nile Variety Channel’s Best Selling Album the same year! He also won Best Arab Artist at Murex D’Or in 2014 and 2016, and Best Arab Artist at the Middle East Music Awards in 2015. Hosny is the first Arab to receive more than 100 million views on Anghami.