In a country where DJing has been the predominant trend for decades, Egyptian musicians are looking for new ways to incorporate the skill into softer, lyrical music-making without necessarily succumbing to typical rave culture. Synth-pop being the merger of both worlds makes it by far the most relatable genre on the frontline, taking over Cairo’s thirsty music scene one band at a time.

Wolf Fang Midi, created by DJs/producers J!n and Shaun Lawes, are the latest addition to Cairo’s rising synth scene. Teasers from two of their upcoming tunes have been released so far, integrating inspiration from J!n’s tranquil, ambient style and Shaun’s exuberant live electronic house and EDM background.

Despite the apparent theme behind the band’s overall production, both tracks have different energies. Where one is slow-paced and grooving with J!n’s soft, childlike vocals and dreamy synth notations bursting with Stranger Things feels, the other track is lively and reminiscent of 80s new wave and an almost lo-fi version of early 2000s EDM.

The dynamic synth-wave duo is on the verge of releasing an album in the upcoming weeks and has already fuelled an anticipating audience’s curiosity with their short teasers. Each artist has their own unique and substantial following, so their alliance is set to bring together a crowd of various tastes under one vibrant roof.

Stay tuned for more!