Egyptian singer, Malak El Husseiny AKA Malak, notable for her coming-of-age musical expressions and effortless charm, just released a new music video of hit single You Are. The video is so incredibly mesmerising, perfectly complementing the soulful melodies pouring out of this tune. Malak’s voice is ever so delicate, with beautiful harmonies and calm reverb, maintaining powerful tonalities regardless. Pure magic!

The music video is produced and directed by Malak herself, who describes it being her “first directing experience and a byproduct of all these incredibly talented human beings whom I am lucky to have worked with”. Assisted in the direction process by Laila Beshara, who managed the entire shoot from start to finish, and assisted in the music production process by producer Moataz Saeed.

The video was choreographed by Dario Boatner, who infuses subtle yet commanding interpretive dance movements into Malak’s expression. With cinematography by Omar Abo Douma, who Malak expressed her admiration for and wanting to work with “since forever” and “finally made it happen”. The shoot was styled by Poucy Elshahawy, who helped create “the perfect dress” with designer Sara Onsi. The video was shot at the beautiful location of Ardi Dahshur that Malak states “just speaks to my soul”.

It’s exciting to watch Malak’s musical growth amplified with each and every new release, from her younger self’s naive creations to psychedelic inventiveness in her previous hit single Can’t Catch an Emotion, and straight to pure angelical bliss in her now latest work. Malak continues to develop her sound while maintaining the same soulful grip on raw and truthful feelings. Whether in joy, sorrow, fulfilment, or emptiness, it’s hard not to look forward to what she’ll bring to the table next. Until then, we will drown in her heavenly sonic musings, and wish her the best in her future endeavours.

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