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If anything has been helping us keep the negative vibes away, then it’s definitely music! From artists going live every day to releasing new music, this has totally been lifting our spirits through these hard times. And this new Egyptian remix is the most uplifting thing on the internet today.

Music producer Adham Dehema, just like everyone else, felt a little bit bored, so from the comfort of his own home, he created something extra fun. Last night, he blessed our ears with one of Bruno Mars’ popular songs, That’s What I Like, but with quite the Egyptian twist. Bruno Mars’ music already makes us want to dance, so imagine adding tabla to it? That would be one hell of a show.

Dehema is an acclaimed music producer who has worked with many established artists, such as Assala and Tamer Ashour. His latest work included Loai’s Deqt Sabran and Ba2zeny, which he made the music arrangement for, with his brother, Elhamy Dehema.

If you still haven’t listened to the remix, here you go! Happy dancing!


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