We bet you saw that coming. As CG Tunes is all about songs and sets, what else would you expect when the new year is only a few days away? Here is a list of all the songs we fell in love with during this year. And before you start judging us for choosing meaningless songs (and there are plenty here), we know they are meaningless, but we love them nonetheless. But, for the folks out there who want quality, there are also many songs that will send a shiver down your spine.


1) Massar Egbari - Nehayat El Hakawy



2) Abyusif - Msh H2dr 7ad Ft. Shaban



3) Hamo Byka - Rab El Koon Mayzna be Meza


4) Amr Diab – Da Law Etsab


5) Tamer Hosny – 3eesh Be Sho2ak


6) Tameem Younis – Enty Ay Kalam


7) Marwan Younis - El Farafeer


8) Ahmed Mekky - Aghla Men Al Yaqout


9) Abo 7afiza & Abdel Baset Hamoda - Ya Seef Ya Seef


10) Mostafa Hagag – Khatwa


11) Esseily & Amir Eid – Talla3 el Helw w Bas


12) Esseily – Enta T2dar


12) Bayomi Fouad – Ebo


13) Massar Egbari - Moswmat


14) Zap Tharwat - Album El Madina


15) Massar Egbari – Sayad


16) Amr Diab – Bayen Habeit


17) Angham – Metlakhbata


18) Sharmoofers – Moftaked El Habiba


19) Tamer Hosny, Shiba, Diab, Mostafa Hagag – 100 Wesh

If you think we missed anything, let us know!