Egyptian music producer, Moseqar, strikes again by dropping his latest soundtrack, Mawj. As the name suggests, the song depicts the vibes surrounding crashing waves. So, if you’re jealous that your friends are now tanning on the beach, Mawj will bring the beach home.

Moseqar recorded some sounds on his last trip to the beach before COVID-19 hit. They included sounds like crashing waves, of course, as well as a bird chirping, seashells rattling against each other in the surf, and other noises that you’d expected to hear on the beach. The talented music producer put them all together, and with his chill music and Pat Gabriel’s guitar tunes, the end result was Mawj, a beautiful lo-fi soundtrack that’ll put an end to your FOMO.

You can now listen to Mawj on Spotify, Anghami, Soundcloud, YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.