Islam Chipsy is a musician whose rhythms are a combined mixture of electronic and shaaby music. Over the past few years, he has made a name for himself and formed his very own platform of Electro Shaaby music, and his most recent collaboration with the talented rapper, Abyusif, which also featured the Egyptian icon Shaaban Abdelrehim, left us in awe.

In recent years, we’ve seen Islam Chipsy rise to stardom while touring Europe and being interviewed by major musical platforms like Abyusif, on the other hand, has taken a longer route. He started the age of 15 with drums, and later he played in a metal band as a guitarist, before his transition to rap. Since joining the rap scene, he has released two albums along with some singles.

In light of their most recent collab, here are some of the best tracks we’ve heard from both.


Their Collab

Abyusif & Islam Chipsy ft. Shaaban Abdelrehim - Msh Ha2dr 7ad





Samir Qamis


Yatawghal, Yatasarab


Batshan HD




Islam Chipsy & EEK



Mould El Ghoul


LiveSet – London


Live Set – France


By Dina Khafagy