Canadian-Lebanese singer Nadina Zarifeh, the one we all know for the famous, super old (1986) song “Vola, Palombella!” when she was only six years old, has just released a new song.

Indeed, her new track is very different from the song from our childhood, and its name is “Shwaya W’hata2.”

Our little birdies told us Nadina was thrilled with this tune as it’s a combination of Egyptian and English. Ramadan Mohamed was the poet Nadina worked with, in which he wrote the Arabic lyrics while she wrote the English parts. Benoo did the music, and the arrangement was done by Hadi Massara.

Life is a journey full of challenges, with lots of ups and downs, and the people who produced this piece of art have expressed that the song is about accepting these challenges and coming to terms with the fact that they’re recurring. The song talks about going through hard times, but realising that you’re in charge and that you need to take control of your actions and behaviour to be able to make changes for the better and move forward.

Here’s song!