Artwork via Nora Zeid

Saudi radio host and presenter of Saudi Arabia’s first hip-hop radio show, Laish Hip-Hop, BIG HASS recently dropped a brilliant set to shed light on Lo-fi music in the region, and we absolutely love it! But first, what exactly is Lo-fi?

As you probably guessed, Lo-fi, or lo-fidelity, is the total opposite of high-quality music. But in this case, the music production is meant to be of lower quality to embrace its imperfections and aesthetics! So, expect lots of mellow sounds and a chill, laidback vibe. What is also known as DIY music, dates back to the ’90s, but only started becoming widely known in the last decade. And even though it’s been growing in popularity around the world for a while, it seems it’s also gaining attention in the Arab world. 

So, back to the lit set, BIG HASS reached out to some super talented Arab producers and compiled their chilled beats, with the help of RAYAN, into what we’d like to call 2.5 hours of total eargasm! The long list of producers includes Egyptian names such as Moseqar and Prod By 77, as well as other great talents such as Sandhill, Sufyvn, NileRhythmik, and many more.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!