If any artist is known for producing songs in a blink of an eye, it’s definitely Egypt’s favourite rapper, Abyusif. Yesterday, Youssef Mohamed Altay, AKA Abyusif, announced the release of a new song of his, called 7ad Tany Khales.

Addressing an ex, the lyrics are rich with Abyusif’s bada** persona. So, in spite of the slow beat, you’ll still feel the power and hype the rapper is famous for. Speaking of the music, the mastermind behind the super catchy beat is none other than Lil Baba. 

This is not the first time for Abyusif and Lil Baba to collaborate. The two have worked on many songs together, including Abyusif’s recent release, ZOOM, as well as his 2019 hit featuring Abou El Anwar, Basha E3temed.