Written by Basma Belal

Egyptian superstar, Amr Diab, has just released a promo music video, “Wana Maak” (When I Am with You), for his new self-titled fragrance, Eau de Parfum 34, for him and for her. This makes Diab the first Arab singer in the Middle East and the Arab world to launch a perfume named after them, according to his official website.

The video, directed by famous filmmaker Tarek El Erian, takes place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, showcasing some of their landmarks. Starring alongside Diab is Egyptian model (and mother of two!) Enjy Kiwan. The video follows Kiwan and another model as they get drawn to the smell of the perfume, insinuating that the fragrance will give its wearers the charismatic and irresistible effect that Diab has. 

Other than his perfume release, Diab has been continuing in the music scene with his latest album release, “Ya Ana Ya La”, back in December 2020. And after a 28-year acting hiatus, Diab is ready to get back in the scene with a Netflix musical drama in the making. Diab’s last appearance on screen was in Dehk Wa Le’b Wa Gad Wa Hob (1993) alongside late Egyptian actor Omar el Sherif.

Diab’s perfume is currently only available in stores in Dubai. Stay tuned to find out when it will be released in Egypt.