The rising star Abdelrahman Roshdy is on the verge of releasing his debut album The Questions featuring Moataz Madi.

Roshdy’s career was boosted by the famous Cairokee upon appearing as their “wild card” at Red Bull’s SoundClash gig in 2015. Today, six years later and after several single releases and collaborations, the Sufi-inspired artist is confident in taking flight.

The announcement arrived on Roshdy’s social media platforms with an exclusive offer for Vodafone customers who can call 988#* for an opportunity to listen to the album The Questions before its official public release.

Roshdy also reflected on his journey in a sentimental statement to his fans and followers on social media platforms. “Two years of hard work, staying up late, exhaustion, and dreaming of this day. Two years of working on my most important project, the album The Questions. It was one of the hardest periods of my life, but my faith in God, my dream, and myself is what pushed me through, despite all the many hardships I faced, so this project sees the light of day”.

Roshdy also expressed his appreciation to everyone who helped him throughout the album’s recording and production process, namely his family whose faith in him was enough of a drive. The humble and beloved artist also thanked each and every person in the team behind the long-overdue release, and praised them for their efforts and hard work. “And thanks to everyone who contributed to my singing from the very beginning”.

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