Written by Yara El Komaty

Make sure you have the tissues nearby because you’re about to get a whole lot nostalgic. If you don’t already know them, let us introduce to you the following songs, which will turn 10 years old this year. 

Check them out and tell us which one brings back the most memories.

  1. Banadeek Taala by Amr Diab

  1. Elly Gai Ahla by Tamer Hosny

  1. Haadar by Tamer Ashour

  1. La Tazedeh Lawaah by Kadim Al Saher

  1. Mafi Noum by Najwa Karam

  1. Yekhaleek Leya by Ramy Gamal

  1. Kol Daqeeqa Shakhseya by Wael Gassar

  1. Ya Mazago by Hakim

  1. Ezay by Mohamed Mounir

  1. Alf W Meya by Nawal El Zoghbi