Last Thursday, a woman got sentenced to three years because she sexually harassed a monkey. The incident happened outside a pet shop that lies on one of Mansoura’s busy streets.

What’s even more bizarre is that the woman in question was caught on camera touching the monkey’s genitals and making public sexual remarks (that’s how public it was). Well, we sure don’t envy the people who witnessed the incident.

The sentence was officially declared today by the Egyptian Misdemeanor Court, who deemed it a ‘publicly obscene act’. Regardless, the judgment can still be appealed, so who knows what will happen!

The woman has been in detention since October, according to the gossip whisperers. We thought you’d like to hear about this update since you’ve probably heard about this somewhere or seen it on television channels such as DMC, where it caused a public outcry.

Not to mention all the animal rights activists that were justifiably outraged by this debauchery.


By Dina Khafagy