This one goes out to all of the Uber users out there, who have forgotten an item or two in their Uber. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that!

We’ve told you about the big move Uber made, we’re talking the acquiring-their-competitor, Careem move. And we’ve recently also told you about all the different types of drivers you may have come across. If you think we’re done talking about Uber related things, think again. Now it’s time to talk about the weirdest s*** Uber riders have left behind. Worry not, we promise this isn’t an April’s Fool stunt!

Uber opened up to us, with their 2019 lost & found index, and all the weird s*** their drivers find in their cars. If you think forgetting your wallet is a stupid move; wait till you hear about half the crazy stuff on the list!


1. Pink teddy bear in the backseat

2. Wedding card invitation

3. Home-made pickles

4. Shisha

5. Kids scooter

6. Family photo

7. Board game

8. Binoculars

9. A sibling

10. Concert tickets

11. Towels

12. Graduation cap

13. Platter of eggs

14. Bag of spices

15. Stethoscope

16. Air conditioner

17. Baby stroller

18. Wheelchair

19. Flute

20. Microwave

What’s even more interesting, and after adding some numbers together; forming percentages and statistics, Uber deducted that: A) our great capital is number 12 on the list of most forgetful cities, and B) riders are especially most forgetful on Thursdays and Wednesdays, in the afternoon; specifically between 5pm and 7pm. AKA at the end of a shitty week, after getting off work!

So if you’ve ever beaten yourself up after forgetting something of your own in an uber, just remember someone out there literally forgot a person, so you’re good y’know, people forget!


By Dina Khafagy