For a while now, Egyptians have been calling for a GPS version with Badriya Tolba's voice navigation. The social media joke reached the popular comedian and her response caused widespread controversy.

During an interview on Masaa' DMC, Tolba announced that she's working on it and soon enough, her voice  navigation will be made available for all GPS users. She even said that her famous catchphrases will be used.

Tolba explained that her decision came after the request of her followers and fans on social media. The actress even claimed that a fan of hers contacted Google, presented the idea, and surprisingly, the reputable organisation agreed! According to Tolba, she's set to start recording next week!

Imagine asking Google Maps for directions and Badriya would be all "how much clock?" about it. Of course, that would be an error! We agree that would've been lots of fun, but unfortunately, it's NOT TRUE! We're even shocked at how many people have fallen for this. It was pretty obvious that the actress was simply being sarcastic.

Google Arabia just denied the fake news on its official Facebook page. "Google Maps guides millions of people every day to their destinations with the help of its clear voice navigation. As much as we enjoy Badriya’s films, we confirm that the Google Maps voice will not change and will continue to guide users in Egypt, and Arabic speakers everywhere, using its current voice," the company's status read.