Leading coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, has just filed a lawsuit at the Administrative Court in Egypt demanding not to change its brand’s logo after El Helal Wel Negma’s accusations. The latter requested Starbucks, through the Department of Commercial Registrations, to change its logo, claiming the coffeehouse copied it! Yes, we know, shocking, right? So, they’re trying to convince us that STARBUCKS copied a local household utensils brand’s logo? Sorry, what? Excuse us, but where’s the resemblance? We looked really hard at the two pictures, looking so hard for the lady in El Helal Wel Negma’s logo, but no luck. Maybe if we tilt our heads to the right, then close our eyes? Oh, there you go. You can see it now, right? Jokes aside, Starbucks proved that its logo was claimed by the Department of Commercial Registrations in July 2015 before El Helal Wel Negma, who did so in November 2016. So, is this supposed to be another round of “spot the differences between the two pictures” game? Why not? Give it a try and drop a comment with the differences below. ____________________ By Yara Tarek