While parents often teach their children to respect, help, and show empathy towards all people, these values are seemingly lost on a few individuals. Yes, some of us Egyptians know nothing about humanity! This story will make you re-evaluate the conditions and stigma that cognitively disabled people have to face and fight each and every day.

A young girl, between the ages of 12 and 15, has been photographed tied down to (apparently) a motorcycle trunk, after she reportedly started throwing rocks at passers-by. Despite what she did, the girl clearly has some sort of cognitive disability. As such, we have to say that tying her up was the most inhumane reaction anyone could have possibly had to the situation.

Egyptian Streets reported that the man who tied her up said that he only wanted her to stop her from hurting others, until the police show up to save the day. That being said, does this give him permission to treat her in such a humiliating manner? We don’t think so.

To protect the privacy of the girl, we have decided to blur her face.

By Sara Mosharef